Matthew Budman

I'm author of the forthcoming Book Collecting Now: The Value of Print in a Digital Age. As an editor and freelance writer, I've spent my life immersed in words, and it's great to have a place to put many of them. Here are most of my post-college bylined articles, organized loosely by category, including a section with entire issues of The Conference Board Review, which I edited for six years.

Author interviews, essays on books, books I've written or contributed to, and more.

Author Anne Lamott: Still lovable with her latest work

A dozen pages into any Anne Lamott book, you desperately want to be her best friend. Once you've read pieces, you'll want to not only meet her but take her to lunch. Her nonfiction work, including biweekly drop-dead funny journal entries in the online magazine Salon, is nakedly personal; it's no wonder readers feel as though they know her and her son Sam intimately, from her misadventures with publishers to her candid admissions of past offenses to her continuing adventures in single motherhood.

Chaim Potok's Culture Clash

On the telephone, Chaim Potok sounds something like David Lurie, the protagonist of Potok's "In the Beginning"—cryptic and a bit brusque and humorless. But the man who has brought Orthodox Judaism alive for millions turns animated when discussing reactions to his books. "I thought when I wrote The Chosen that it was just a Jewish story. It turns out to be a pretty universal story," Potok says of his first and best-known novel, which describes a young Orthodox man caught between his culture and his intellectual pursuits.
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