Matthew Budman

I'm a freelance writer and editor, mostly on business and social issues, and author of Book Collecting Now: The Value of Print in a Digital Age. I've spent my life immersed in words, and it's great to have a place to put many of them. Here are most of my post-college bylined articles, organized loosely by category, including a section with entire issues of The Conference Board Review, which I edited for six years.

I've been reviewing books pretty much forever. In Jewish weekly newspapers, then the Trenton Times, then Across the Board and TCB Review. (Now it's mostly on Goodreads.)

Reconstituted Juice: Instant Book Author Don Davis Flashes O.J. Simpson's Life Before Our Eyes

You're stuck in Safeway's 12-items-or-less lane behind a shopper who can't count. Or maybe a United Airlines clerk just announced a one-hour delay for your flight. So begins the Great Search for Reading Matter, starting with whatever's in the nearest wire rack. Lately there hasn't been much In terms of variety: Except for the Weekly World News and the Sun ("DOG FACE BABY IS 1 YR OLD"), what you've seen is the broad forehead of a certain athlete-turned-pitchman-turned-actor.
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